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How To Host A Mermaid Pool Party For Preteens

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Ariel (the Little Mermaid) and Prince Eric are still beloved role models for young preteen girls and boys. They love their undersea adventures and like to see them in their mermaid and merman tails. With a little planning, you can create a unique and fun mermaid pool party for your preteen and their friends. Here are some ideas that you can use for a mermaid and merman pool party for your preteen:

Mermaid and Merman Tails - As each pool party guest arrives, give them a mermaid or merman tail (if they do not already have their own mermaid bathing suits) and a drawstring bag. The drawstring bag can be used by each guest to hold their clothes during the pool party. You can purchase mermaid tails at many costume party stores and online. These tails are made of a very stretchable fabric with an elastic waistband and hollow tail so they will fit everyone.

Because the mermaid tails are made of very stretchable fabric, they are easy to wear when the young party guests walk or swim. When all the guests have changed into bathing suits and put on their mermaid tails, give them a short demonstration on the double leg kick that they can use to propel themselves in the pool.  

Mermaid and Merman Pool Party Games - Party games are always fun especially pool party games. Here are a few games that you can play during the pool party and supplement with your own favorite games:

  • Go Fish In The Pool - Purchase multiple waterproof prizes for all of the party guests. Place them in a large basket and when you have everyone's attention, throw all of the party prizes into the pool. Tell the party guests that they can keep as many prizes as they can retrieve from the pool. Blow a whistle to signal the start of the game and watch as they dive into the pool and retrieve all of the prizes. 
  • Beach Ball Pool Relay - Divide all of the guests into teams and give each team a beach ball. Tell all of the guests that this is a relay race and they each must swim a lap in the pool while pushing the beach ball with their nose. Blow a whistle to start the game and watch the fun. Each team that completes the beach ball relay wins a prize for each team member. 
  • Pool Joust - Every guest pairs off with another guest and they become teammates. One preteen sits on their teammate's shoulders and is armed with a pool noodle. The teams face off against each other and joust with their pool noodles until one team player knocks another team player off of their teammate's shoulders. The winning teams are all awarded prizes.  

It is most important to hire a professional lifeguard to be present during all of the pool activities at a preteen pool party. This professional lifeguard can completely focus on the safety of all of the pool party guests. Assign one or two parents or friends to come to the party to take pictures and videos of all of the guests and activities and upload them to social media sites so that all party guests and their families can see and share the images. Have a great time at this unique and creative pool party for your young preteen as it will be remembered for many years to come.