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Two Plus-Size Fashion Trends You May Want To Try

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It's no secret that finding trendy clothes to wear when your dress size is in the double digits can be difficult. In the past, plus-sized women had to choose between plainer-than-plain basic styles or everything-bagel-style floral prints. Thankfully, designers are starting to realize curvy fashionistas do exist and have begun developing stylish clothes they can wear. If you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe, here are two fashions trends you should try out this year.

Modern Pantsuits

Pantsuits were all the rage in the 70s and 80s when women started climbing the corporate ladder en force and needed to look professional enough for their coworkers to take them seriously. They fell out of style in favor of more feminine fare but, like an allegedly dead soap opera character, they're making a comeback.

Today's modern pantsuits can be found in casual and formal styles, in basic corporate colors as well as eclectic mixes of candy cotton pinks, baby blues, and spring greens. These suits can look particularly nice on plus-size bodies, depending on the style you get. Pin-striped suits can make the body look longer and slimmer, while a belted suit can help accentuate curves.

These suits can easily transform from business wear to evening wear with a simple change of shoes and accessories. For the budget-conscious, the suit's jacket and pants can be worn with other wardrobe pieces to help maximize what you already have.

Peasant Tops

The bohemian chic style rises and falls in popularity but never quite goes away. This year it's making a fierce comeback in the form of peasant tops. However, these blouses get a modern upgrade with intricately embroidered colors, contemporary patterns, and three-quarter sleeves that are long enough for cool weather but short enough to show off bracelets and other arm jewelry.

These loose-fitting blouses are particularly beneficial for plus-size girls because they don't create unflattering silhouettes by clinging to the body. The patterns tend to be more complimentary and interesting to look, and the style of this blouse is flexible enough that you can dress it up with a pair of black slacks or go casual with jeans.

There are many more trendy clothing styles out there that would look great on plus-sized women. Take a moment to peruse the latest fashion magazines or see what your favorite fashion blogger is up to and then visit a local women's boutique like Foxy Lady Siesta Key to get the pieces you need to add pizzazz to your wardrobe.