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Shoe Repair Hacks You Can Do Yourself

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Buying new shoes every time your old ones get damaged or stained can get quite expensive. Even cheap shoes aren't cheap anymore. But nobody wants to wear worn-out shoes with the soles flapping and the seams ripped or worn looking. You can take them to a shoe repair shop to have them professionally repaired for some things like worn soles or to have ripped buckles repaired, but some things you can do at home yourself. See below for repair tips and other shoe hacks you can do at home.

Flapping Soles 

Do your shoes look like they're talking to you when you walk? Or talking behind your back when you walk away? You probably have a loose sole that needs to be re-glued. Try using some super glue to hold the soles in place. Use enough to hold it well, then allow it to dry and set. Place something on top of your shoe to help hold the rubber sole to the bottom of the shoe for a good seal.

Broken Or Worn Heel

If the rubber on your heels are worn down, it can be dangerous, as you can easily slip and fall. Look for new heel caps online or at your local big box store. They are easily replaced, you just have to find the right size. For heels that are damaged on the stem (not on the heel cap), give them a new look by either spray painting them with vinyl spray paint for a shiny look or give them some shimmer by gluing glitter to them. 

Rubber Soles Stained

Tennis shoes that have rubber around the sides of them can become stained easily, especially if the rubber is white or light colored. These stains can be very difficult to remove, even after washing them in the washing machine. Remove the stains using an old rag and nail polish remover. It removes even the toughest stains, giving your tennis shoes new life.

Canvas Shoe Damage

Canvas shoes can be easily damaged with stains or tears. Cover holes or tears and stains by gluing new fabric over the top of the old canvas. You can give your shoes a whole new look that is all your own. Use modge podge to glue the new fabric on your shoes. Be sure to use the same type of canvas or outdoor type of fabric to help prevent new holes from easily occurring. Spray the fabric down with scotch guard to help repel stains. 

For more information, contact a shoe repair shop in your area.