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9 Tips For Dressing Modestly

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In the past, dressing modestly was seen as something only for women who were adhering to religious, age, or work restrictions. In today's fashion world, women from a range of backgrounds are choosing to dress modestly just because they are making a personal choice to do so. If you are choosing to wear modest womens clothing  fashions, here are some tips for making the right style choices.

  1. Know your limits. Each woman has her own standards for what she considers modest. Before you start shopping for clothing, take the time to consider your standards. For instance, how much of your neckline are you willing to show?
  2. Be smart with layering. Dressing modestly does not mean you have to pile on the layers. You can keep it simple, stay cool, and still look fashionable. Focus on accessories to give your clothing the pop you want.
  3. Keep it loose. Fitted pieces might look great indoors, but once you step outdoors, you could regret your clothing choices. Tight clothing can often mean hotter clothing. Flowy and looser clothing allows you to stay modest and cool at the same time.
  4. Look for breathable fabrics. In the warmer months, wearing fabrics that will help to wick away sweat and allow in air to keep you cool is important. For instance, silk is a great choice for the summer.
  5. Wear maxi skirts and dresses. A maxi skirt or dress is one of the best clothing choices you can make. They are extremely versatile and can be comfortable for everyday wear or while traveling.
  6. Avoid unflattering clothing. Choosing to dress modestly does not mean you have to wear clothing that is ill-fitted or frumpy looking. Try to find pieces that are flatting to you and that make you feel good.
  7. Wear leggings. When you have a short dress or skirt you want to wear, leggings can make it happen. The leggings are cool enough to wear during warmer temperatures and can provide additional protection during the cooler temperatures.
  8. Add a cardigan or jacket to your wardrobe. When you have a spaghetti strap or strapless blouse, you can still wear it. The addition of a jacket or cardigan adds style and also helps you to maintain your modesty.
  9. Go for the bigger handbag. All handbags are considered modest, but if you want to boost your style, a larger handbag can do that.

Remember, to focus on modest fashions that make you happy.