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5 FAQs Regarding Cloth Diapering

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Once the standard, cloth diapering is now making a comeback thanks to its low costs and environmental benefits. However, for many parents, cloth diapers can seem confusing and complicated, but that isn't the case at all. If you are interested in cloth diapering your baby, you should check out these five frequently questions regarding cloth diapering.

Are Cloth Diapers Better for Babies?

While it still isn't verified if disposable diapers are unhealthy for babies, they do contain chemicals. These chemicals are used to help absorb waste. Cloth diapers contain no chemicals, so you don't even have to worry. For babies, cloth diapers are also more comfortable than big, bulky, plastic diapers. Not all cloth diapers are the same, however. Just like there are many brands of disposable diapers, there are also different types of cloth diapers. It's best to try a few to see which you and baby prefer, and as your baby grows, you may need to find a new brand.

How Much Do Cloth Diapers Cost?

Cloth diapers initially cost more than disposable diapers. A small kit that includes a day's supply of diapers costs about $30. Disposable diapers are likely to cost you $60 to $85 a month. With cloth diapers, you also need to calculate the cost of washing the diapers. However, despite the added costs, cloth diapers are still more affordable because you reuse them. A big batch of disposable diapers may be much cheaper, but you can't reuse them, so you'll have to buy more again and again.

How Do You Wash Cloth Diapers?

Washing cloth diapers is one of the reasons parents shy away from this method, but washing cloth diapers is not much harder than washing other clothes. You'll want to have a covered container you can store the dirty diapers in, such as a covered garbage can. When your baby is still young with soft stools, you can simply put the dirty diapers in the bin to wash later. Once your baby is older and has harder stools, you'll want to dispose of that waste before putting the diaper in the can. Once you have a load of dirty diapers, wash them in your washing machine like normal.

Are They Portable?

It may seem like a cloth diaper is only for home use, but they are portable, meaning you can take them on a road trip. You still change your baby's diaper like usual when needed. The only difference is you'll need an airtight container or bag to store the dirty diaper in. You'll also want to dispose of any waste if necessary. Getting cloth diaper training pants from a place like Chunkabuns can also help during these travels because they help prevent leaks, which is especially helpful when you are new to cloth diapering.

What About Cloth Wipes?

Cloth wipes are another option. Like cloth diapers, you wash them and reuse them. For some parents, however, cloth wipes may seem unnecessary, especially with the ease of disposable cloth wipes. Like disposable diapers, however, they may contain some chemicals that could be potentially dangerous. With cloth wipes, you can simply use whichever cleanser you feel comfortable with. Plus, if you are using cloth diapers, you can just toss the wipes in with the diapers instead of having to separate them.

So many parents are discovering the benefit of cloth diapers. While they may seem complicated, they are as easy as doing a load of laundry, and you save money while reducing waste. If you would like more information regarding cloth diapers and related topics start researching cloth diapers today, so you can find the perfect one for your baby.