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When To Wear Camouflage

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There are many clothing styles out there, and there are many types of clothing that are for certain occasions. You may have your casual clothing to wear on your days off or just to run around town to take care of errands, you may have special occasion outfits that you wear to things like holiday dinners with the family, and you might have your laundry day clothing that is awful looking but very comfortable. You may have your rugged outfits too, which you wear to hike in the woods. And you may have camouflage that you like to wear for certain things or just as your preferred style of clothing. You can get camouflage from most army surplus stores, and here are some of the reasons why many people like to wear camouflage.

To go hunting

If you are a hunter, then the last thing you are going to want to do is to wear bright white or yellow clothing that is going to chase away the wildlife that you are out to hunt. If you do wear colors such as these, then you aren't going to end up coming home with much and your day will have been wasted, except for the excitement you had going out before you realized the day was a bust. Camouflage is going to help you to increase your likelihood of coming home happy and proud.

To go paintball shooting

If you enjoy going out into the woods to play paintball with your friends, then you will also want to be sure you blend in with the trees and brush that you plan on using as coverage, so you can beat your friends. No matter what terrain you go out in, you can find camouflage to help you stay more hidden. You can find it in patterns and colors that hide you well in the woods and you can find it in patterns and colors that will help you to be more hidden in the desert.

To feel comfortable

Sometimes you just want to wear something that you feel comfortable in and that allows you to feel like yourself. In fact, this may be the clothing that you choose to wear as often as you can. This may be your camouflage clothing. If so, then you want to be sure that you have plenty of it, so you always have clean choices to choose from when you are in a camo mood. Army surplus stores will have everything you need, starting with camo hats and down to shirts, pants, and boots.