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It's Not Too Late To Plan A Casual New Year's Eve Party

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Have you and your friends been talking about how stressful the so-called magical Christmas season has been? Maybe you've been to so many formal events that you've lost count. If you know that your friends would love a break from all the usual holiday craziness, maybe you've decided to host a very casual party. If you're looking for ideas on how to make your casual New Year's Eve party a fun and memorable one, here are some ideas that might help.

Casual Invitations

Send email invitations specifying that your New Year's Eve party will be a totally casual and stress-free one. Nobody has to bring a single thing except themselves and an attitude of fun.

Casual Gifts

Think of giving each of your guests a funny T-shirt. Those are so inexpensive that it probably won't break the bank for you to buy them. Plus, you'll be able to find the right size for every single guest. Or, get everybody size Xtra Large and some of the guests will later use them as nightshirts.

There are so many from which to make your selections that part of the fun will for you will be selecting T-shirts that will make your guests laugh with pleasure. Here are some great funny T-shirt messages:

  • I'm Kind Of A Big Dill - that T-shirt will have a picture of a pickle as part of the design.
  • Don't get old - it's a trap!
  • Sorry I'm late - I didn't want to come
  • Hedgehogs - Why don't they just share the hedge?
  • I'm not opinionated - I just know I'm always right

There's even time for you to design your own funny T-shirt. For instance, you might choose a design that ways something like, Take me away from all this merriment! Please and thank you! Or, maybe the T-shirts you give to all of your guests might say words like, Maybe the Grinch Had The Right Idea! Companies like Bail Bonds T Shirt can help.

Casual Foods

Think of just visiting as you enjoy something special like delivery pizza for the meal you'll be serving your guests.  Use up your leftover sweets for dessert, too. Forget the alcoholic beverages this time. Instead, have an ice chest full of bottled water and different flavors of canned sodas. 

Casual Entertainment

Maybe your guests would enjoy just relaxing while you watch a funny movie together. Think of watching a classic like Some Like It Hot or The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming!

And, remember not to stress over anything at the party. It's meant to be fun for you, too.