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Lost A Lot Of Weight? Why Your Clothes Don't Necessarily Need To Go

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If you are a person who recently lost a significant amount of weight, you may feel excited and happy about the changes to your life and body. However, one area of frustration may be your clothing. After all, you have a whole wardrobe full of clothes that may not fit quite so well anymore. Before you throw everything out or take it to a charity shop, you may want to consider alternative options. Alterations, for example, can help you to breathe more life into the clothing you love that just doesn't fit anymore. Get to know more about alterations and what they can do for you. Then, you can better decide if you want to get rid of your old clothes after weight loss. 

Tailors Are Highly Skilled

One of the things you should know about tailors who do clothing alterations is that they are highly skilled. They have the know-how and the experience to transform garments from something you would never wear again back into your favorite pieces of clothing. 

They can both machine and hand sew to get these tasks accomplished and many have seen it all. So, even if you have garments that need to be taken in a lot or need a lot of adjustments made, they can almost certainly do it. 

Just be sure to be specific about what you do and don't want to be altered in a garment. Some, for example, may need to be shortened as well as taken in and others may just need to be taken in. Be sure you let them know which is which. 

Be Prepared to Be Fitted

Tailors want to be sure that you are getting what you want and need from alterations. So, be prepared to be fitted in the garment itself, not just measured. This will allow the tailor to pin the garment and let you get a look at what it will be like once alterations are complete. 

This will customize the experience and the garments, allowing you to get exactly what you want and make comments along the way. Tailors do this so they do not have to re-alter the garments and so that customers are completely satisfied. 

Fast Fashion May Not Be Alterable 

Some cheaper, fast fashion items may not be alterable by a tailor. Certain fabrics may just be too flimsy, for example, to be worth altering by a tailor. These fast fashion items are often the very inexpensive ones as well and alterations would likely cost more than the item is worth. 

So, be sure to talk to your tailor about what types of garments they are willing to alter. Many higher-end or even mid-priced items can be altered successfully. It all depends on the fabrics, the quality, and the value to you. 

Now that you know more about alterations, you can better decide if you want to get rid of your clothes or take them to a tailor for alterations.