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Creative Ideas For Cannabis Apparel

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Shirts with cannabis plants on them, hats with the number "420" on the front, Rasta hoodies — these are all classic cannabis apparel. Wearing any of these items will show your love for the plant. But what if you want to get a bit more creative with your cannabis apparel? These other ideas may serve you well.

Strain Names

As cannabis is legalized in more states, people are becoming more aware of all the different strains. It seems everyone has a favorite! They also have really cool names, like Granddaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies. It could be fun to have your favorite strain name printed on a shirt or hat. Some people might be confused as to why you're wearing a shirt that says "Sour Diesel" or "Jean Guy," but those who share your love for cannabis will understand.

Chemical Structures

Another fun idea is to have the chemical structure of THC printed on some clothing. If you want to do something more complex, you could have the chemical reaction converting THC to THC-a. Or, if you are a big fan of CBD, you could have CBD molecules printed on your shirt. All of these molecular structures look pretty cool, especially if you have some background in chemistry and really understand what they mean.

"Cannabis" in Other Languages

You could have the word "cannabis" translated into other languages and printed on your clothing. Several translations are really beautiful, appealing words. For example, "chanvre" is French for "cannabis." The Spanish translation is "cañamo" and the Italian word is 'Canapa." If you like your apparel to look more "busy," then you could even have numerous translations of the word "cannabis" printed all over it.

Cannabis Poetry

Why not try writing some poetry about cannabis? It's a really fun thing to do, especially when you are under the influence of your favorite plant. You can have a short poem printed on a t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt. If you are not feeling creative, you could instead look for cannabis poetry by other poets. Just make sure you credit them by listing their name beneath the poem when you print the shirt.

There are more creative ways to show your love for cannabis than wearing a shirt that says "cannabis" or "420." Use some of the ideas above, and create something fun that really expresses your feelings. Others will appreciate your cannabis apparel as much as you do. Contact companies like The Skunk Father LLC to learn more about cannabis apparel.